Arizona Wedding Photography

This day is yours to love.

Don’t let anyone else’s idea of tradition get shoved into it.

Big love to all your relatives, but I’m here to support and honor what you two want. And holy cow, I am so down to document it all. No matter the size of the guest list, you’ve put your heart into creating a day of celebration with those you love most. 

You can count on me to bring my whole heart (and camera) too. Plus this other goodness:

  • Plenty of prep beforehand, so you simply enjoy
  • Focus on what’s important to you
  • Prompts instead of poses
  • Natural, authentic images
  • Plus some singing + dancing along once the music gets started

When you’re one of my couples, you get folded into my community. And I’m the sort of gal who always supports her People.

"Andrea was amazing!!
From our engagement photos to our wedding day and the conversations in between, she kept my husband and I involved and laughing. Not only are her photos absolutely beautiful, but she always has amazing prompts, will hype you up, and will help with anything she can. So so glad we chose her to capture such precious memories!"
— Kayla + Kyle, married 12.8.22

Taking the photos shouldn’t be the memory

Seriously, friends. I know I’m the photographer here, and I am super into my job. But I don’t want you to really remember the act of taking the photo. 

Instead, I want you to hold your images in your hands and remember the laugh so big your cheeks hurt … 

… the rush of joy when you made it official official … 

… the earth-tilting, sky-high, way-down-deep feel of love for your person.

Twenty, thirty years from now, these images become a way to actually touch your past and pass your story on to the future. That’s pretty incredible to think about, right? Let’s chat more about how I can help you choose prints and albums.I want to make your day awesome... like, next level.

A married couple in wedding attire stands face to face, smiling at each other at Brophy Chapel in Phoenix

Your investment

Choosing the right photographer is a huge deal. This is an investment, but its true value is in the depth of emotion and connection each image holds. Take a look at the different wedding photography collections I offer, then let’s set up a time to chat.

Wedding collections start at $3800

More client love

"So so so glad we chose Andrea to capture our day!! She is so friendly and fun. We knew immediately during our engagement session that she would be perfect for our wedding day. Just got our photos back and they are amazing and perfectly capture our wedding! Will be using her again in the future and recommending her to all of our friends!"

— Sierra + Logan, married 2.16.23

"Andrea is the best — such a ray of sunshine! She made everything about our day and every day leading up to it a breeze. Andrea was kind and accommodating and gave us soooo much advice about what to expect and how to handle everything. She made sure to let us know that she was on our side and our side only. It felt great knowing she was there to help us with whatever we needed. Andrea also does a wonderful job of making you feel Iike YOU on your big day. From engagement photos to wedding photos, I felt like she really drew out the best in us. Hiring her will be the best decision of your wedding planning!"

—Kat + Corey, married 8.13.22