Hi friends, I'm Andrea!

After photographing people for the past eight years, I believe the best images are raw, honest and emotive.

Every wedding, engagement or graduate I shoot is a chance to get a glimpse into the lives and loves of others. It’s a great, everyday reminder that humans are—on the whole—good people who seek out real connection and a well-lived life. 

AKA, we’re doing okay, humanity. And you are proof!

Arizona Wedding Photographer smiles on a neutral backdrop

It means the world that you're trusting me with something so big.

A little backstory

My mom is my family's photographer. She was always chasing me and my cousins around our small Illinois town with her film camera, much to our dismay. And to be honest, the images weren’t award-winners. But that wasn’t the point. She truly captured the shape of my family—the candid, the joyful, the quiet (although RARE). And wow, am I grateful for that!

Her passion to record moments as they naturally happened inspired me to do the same, and it was in college that inspiration turned into something real. I was welcomed into the elite, incredible community of drum corps as an intern capturing life on the road in photos and videos. It wasn’t glamorous. We literally lived on a bus for an entire summer. But it was absolutely life-changing. In the thick of it, documenting these passionate, vibrant musicians who had enthralled me my entire life … it was the first time I truly felt I could create something meaningful for others. 

That right there is the beat of my artist’s heart. And I’ll be chasing it down every day of my life. 

I want to capture the same thing for you. 

Arizona Wedding Photographer in action, helping a bride fasten her wedding dress

A few more bits about me:

  • I moved to Arizona from my small town in Illinois in 2015 to finish my bachelor's in journalism at ASU
  • That's where I met my husband, Chris! We got married in Sept. 2022
  • My main extracurriculars growing up were softball, marching band, choir, and dance
  • I've always been a bookworm; I especially love autobiographies/memoirs
  • I'm a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan (but I'll support the Diamondbacks too)
  • Favorite shows to watch while editing: Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Great British Baking Show
  • In my free time I love drawing, riding my bike, playing Animal Crossing, constructing Legos... and taking even more photos lol

Photo credit: Kayla Koch Photography