What I'm all about.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2017, but I've been behind a camera since I was a kid. Growing up, my mom rarely let a moment pass without snapping a few photos — and as I got older, sometimes that meant handing the camera to me!

Not all my early snapshots were award-winners (okay, maybe none of them were) but my love of photography followed me all the way to college. As a broadcast journalism student at ASU, most of my classmates wanted time in front of the camera, but I felt like I was in my element behind it. Not long after I graduated, I decided to turn my love of photography into a career.

I love blending the artistry of photography with the science of journalism to create photos that are raw, honest, and emotive. If you're looking for a photographer that will help you capture the little moments that make your biggest days special, I'm your gal!