A little-known fact about those wedding traditions you've seen recur for generations—next to none of it is needed to actually get married. If you don't love something and it doesn't feel like you ... I'm giving you permission to throw it in the trash!

Alternatively, if tradition suits you—please do it! You may feel pressure to mix things up, but it's absolutely not necessary. Four generations of my family were married in the same church in our small town, and I think that's an incredible thing to be part of.

Bottom line: you do you!

Father's escort down the aisle

Walk down with mom. Both parents. Parental-figures. With a sibling or friend. Alone. As partners. Get rid of the aisle all together!

Not seeing each other before the wedding

Spending the night apart? Not necessary. I know I can't sleep a wink without my partner next to me. Some couples choose to spend the night together and even get ready together! There's exactly nothing to feel superstitious about and everything to be excited for.

Wedding party

Firstly, the only people you need to get married (in Arizona) are you, your partner, an officiant and two witnesses to sign the license with you. Aside from that, it's all just fun! So if the thought of a wedding party stresses you out or could create unnecessary tension the day-of, then ditch it. If you do decide to go the wedding party route, don't be afraid to include anyone and everyone you want, with any outfit combinations you love.

Split seating during ceremony

I see this one done away with more often than not—it's so much easier to have everyone fill in seating where they can. You're all going to basically be family now regardless!

Flower girl / page boy

Kiddos wandering uncertainly down the aisle sure can be cute, but it's definitely not necessary. Have flower grandmas, a flower pup, or none at all! I've even seen 20-something-year-old brothers have a blast with this role.

Giving speeches

Spoiler alert—no one needs that pressure! Sometimes one parent gives a speech, and then others feel they have to mirror that. Making a short toast to the couple will always suffice if public speaking is just not your thing.