Top of a Parking Garage

This parking garage has perfect access to an amazing city skyline view, which looks great in full sun as well as in shade.

Heritage Square

The perfect touch of green in the middle of Downtown. Lots of brick pathways, historic views of the Rosson House, and lots of pockets of nature.

Phoenix Courthouse

With my favorite architecture in all of downtown, this building will always have a place in my heart.

Arizona Science Center

In the same courtyard as Heritage Square is the minimalistic, urban architecture of the Science Center.

Hotels and Streets

Phoenix is the perfect place to take a stroll and admire what the street views have to offer. I love using crosswalks and the unique building architecture to create session magic.

The Churchill

This restaurant/bar hub is the perfect place for portraits — lots of seating, interesting backdrops, and great lighting and room for me to move while taking photos.

Roosevelt Row Art's District

This area's murals are ever-changing, but that's what makes it so fun — there's truly something for everyone!

St. Mary's Basilica

Whether you're religious or not, this church and its grounds gives off the perfect Spanish vibes and access to a great street view of Downtown.